Tuesday 16 July  

INVITATION to join IFEA - International Festival & Event professionals from the USA -sharing the value and magic of festival & events that build community 

Xperience 2030 


Using events and activities planned,  prepared and produced by a new generation of young entrepreneurs.   Creating jobs and offering a return on investment by leveraging value from event spend.

Skills Village 2030 

 Piloting a Cooperative Shared Value Social Circular Experience Economy model using the Event Value Chain and a cooperative model to maximise the multiplier and minimise leakage in local communities.   Developing  a  dynamic linkage system  to bring buyers and sellers together

Please join us for Xperience 2030 #LetYouthCreateJobs

Please join us for Xperience 2030 #LetYouthCreateJobs 

Join International Festivals & Events professionals from the USA as they share the magic of festivals and events

Events that create jobs 
that can make a difference in the lives empowered in the process

INVEST R500 for a great day 

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  • Your investment is not only a great day for you - but for the youth who will plan, prepare and produce the experience.


8:30 BREAKFAST - The Village Venue :  108 YOUNG DESIGNERS showcase their interpretations of the Sustainable Development Goals at the Table Top Challenge - judging for 'best table top' 

8:45 Presentations by 15 IFEA Festival Professionals from the USA . Insight from South Africa on Victoria Yards and  the Makers Way in the Makers Valley Johannesburg. 

13:00 'show and tell' youth TECH presentations
13:15 Container Village Lunch 

14:00 Discussion Pods  with IFEA International Festival & Event Professionals in the ThemeXperience . Market Stalls for local cooperatives & communities   

15:30 Fashion show as youth demonstrate an "Experience Economy" insight into Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage

15:45 The Birthday Xperience - enjoy 'tea time' with young birthday recipients from the local community

16:15 Sophiatown Experience - enjoy an insight into the life, times and sounds of the music era of the time as Bheki Khoza, Madala and friends take the stage with their young musical proteges  

OR DONATE so that a young entrepreneur can join the programme

Would you like to contribute towards the Birthday Xperience?

R 6,000 - would fund one child to join the Birthday club for one year .   For every 20 children who join the programme, it will create a job for one youth for one year.  

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Investing in the future

The BirthdayXperience

Invest in the future 

The BirthdayXperience

Join the party - make a difference 

Event Calendar aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals

Events create jobs 


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